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Convertible Top Care

Convertible Care

Have you ever priced a new convertible top? Yeah, trust us, it’s not cheap! And it's certainly more cost effective to care for you convertible top with dedicated products! Since most tops are made of either fabric or vinyl, they are highly susceptible to UV damage and contamination. Neglecting this surface may even cause further damage to your interior when it fails! Here at Autopia we only carry industry leading products such as 303 and RaggTopp and more. Each of the convertible top product lines we carry have been tested to ensure the provide nothing but superior performance.

Not sure if you have a fabric or vinyl? Use the water test find out. Put a small amount of water on your top and push it around with your fingers.
Fabric Tops - Absorb water
Vinyl Tops – Water pools on the surface and will not absorb.

Don’t forget, you are always welcome to give one of our product experts a call to help you find the product that works for you!