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Quick Detailers and Spray Waxes

Quick Detail Sprays

A quick detail spray or waterless wash can save you time and keep your vehicle looking pristine between washes. Quick detail sprays are useful when your vehicle is lightly dusty or has fingerprints. The lubricants in quick detail sprays and waterless washes protect the paint from abrasion while loosening dust particles so they can be gently wiped away. Quick Detail spray can be used after washing the car and can eliminate water spots and boost the shine. Using a quick detail spray takes just a few minutes and that just-detailed look will be restored to your vehicle.

Some call them “spray waxes,” some call them “QDs” (quick details), but whatever you call them, don’t call them insignificant. These guys, the pinch hitter of the car care world, are great to have around. At the drop of a hat you can take your car from “blah” to “BAM!”

Applying a detail spray is probably the quickest, easiest visual improvement you could perform on your car. They elevate shine tremendously while making wiping away dirt, dust and smudges an effortless task. Detail sprays are meant to top off your wax or paint sealant, not stand in for them. You apply a detail spray as a way to extend the life of your protectant.

These are great for stretching the time between major details. I use mine a few times a week, just before I leave the house, to keep my car looking freshly detailed. People ask me all the time if I just finished waxing. There’s no need to tell them that I spent three minutes rather than three hours on the car!

Spray and wipe to detail under the hood, door jambs, trunk decks, bumpers, and glass! Detailing sprays literally can be used on the entire exterior for an instant gloss. Keep it in your glove compartment to use anytime you want to restore the just-waxed finished.