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Car Paint Coatings

Paint Coatings are the results of the evolution of car care products. Paint coatings utilize today's nano-technology to provide superior paint protection than traditional car wax or paint sealants. Today's Paint Coatings are easy to apply and can provide years of protection with minimal effort! In addition to their added protection, Paint Coatings are extremely hydrophobic, meaning water runs right off of the surface! This characteristic helps cars with paint coatings stay clean, as water running of of the surface carries dust and dirt with it. Less dirt on your car means you are less likely swirl your vehicle when washing, which is why Paint Coatings are so popular. Due to the strong bond that car paint coatings form, your car will be protected from UV rays, acid rain, bird dropping, bug splatter, environmental fallout and more.

The secret to these high-tech paint, glass, trim and wheel coatings lies within advanced chemistry. Most paint coatings are resin or quartz based. When compared to a traditional car wax or paint sealant, a paint coating forms a much harder, thicker layer of protection, enabling them to last considerably longer. Most paint coatings last a minimum of one year while others, like CarPro Cquartz, are semi-permanent and only need to be re-applied every couple years.