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Detailing Towels

When it comes to microfiber detailing towels for cars the options are seemingly endless. If you understand some basic terminology and towel specifications finding the right car detailing microfiber towels for you will be easier.


First and foremost, one thing that isn’t disclosed in the product specifications is the general quality of the yarn. All of our auto detailing towels use premium AA grade yarn with a fine denier. Many competitors with auto detailing towels (like what you will find in big box stores, or cheaper online sources) will use lower grade, and less expensive yarn, but will have the same product specifications (blend, weave, weight, pile, size, color), this creates a towel that looks and feels similar, but doesn’t perform as well.


GSM - Grams per Square Meter - Is the weight of one piece of material one meter wide by one meter tall. Some people confuse it with quality or plushness, but it is only a measure of weight.

Blend - Ratio of Material Components: Polyester and Polyamide. Usually between 70/30 and 80/20. Lower quality competitors use 85/15, 90/10, 95/5, and 100% polyester.

Weave/Pile - The type of weave or knit of the fabric, mostly related to the machine on which they are made and it’s settings. You can have high pile and low pile weaves, smooth and with contours.

Size - Small or Large Microfiber Towels

Edge - How the edges of the towels are finished

Country of Origin - The country of manufacture.

Microfiber towels are made of the finest material you can use to detail your vehicle. Microfiber towels are entirely man-made of polyester and polyamide, which give microfiber towels incredible strength and durability. Not only that, microfiber towels can be woven to suit different jobs, like polishing, drying, and buffing. Using the right microfiber towel will make any detailing task easier. Microfiber towels last longer than cotton terry cloth or natural chamois, too. For value, performance, and durability, nothing beats microfiber towels.

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