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Choosing Drying Towels for Your Car

The main factor to consider when purchasing a drying towel is the weave type. The waffle weave towels are the most popular, but in recent years higher pile towels have gained in popularity.

The waffle weave towels are extremely absorbent and lint free, but have no pile, only the waffle ridges which scoop up water as it is absorbed by the fibers. You have to make sure that the car surface is 100% clean before wiping with a low pile towel or you risk picking up grit and debris that can scratch your paint.

The higher pile towels provide a little bit more cushion and give grit or debris a place to go away from the surface of your vehicle, where it can scratch. NOTE: You should still insure that the surface you are wiping is clean, and the towel section you are wiping with is clean. The downside to the higher pile towels is that they are more likely to pick up lint and leave streaking.

The other factors to consider are size and weight. Some people like to use one larger towel (i.e. 25”x36” or 20”x40”) and some like to use multiple smaller towels (16”x24”). Heavier towels will absorb more water but can become more difficult to handle when saturated.